Hotel Madalena Beautique

Hotel Madalena Beautique

Lisboa / Portugal

Promoter: The Beautique Hotels  

Opening: January 2020

Duration of the project: 28 meses

Builder: DST Group 

Architects: Saraiva + Associados 

Designer: Atelier Nini Andrade Silva 

Año construcción: 2019


Brand: FMG

     Collection: Onici Maxfine

     Model: Onice Oro

     Sizes: 300 x 150 cm, 150 x 150 cm, 150 x 75 cm

     Thickness: 6 mm

     Finished: pulido


     Collection: Marmi 200 x 100

     Model: Black Marquinia

     Size: 100 x 100 cm

     Thickness: 9 mm

     Finished: pulido

Technical management: Gama Uno and Ándela de la Torre

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