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Matimex presented on Wednesday, July 6 at its facilities in Almazora (Castellón) the prizes of the 8th edition PIAM (Matimex International Architecture Award) whose theme was «The single-family home. The future is today".

After the words of the CEO of Matimex, Juan-Luis Grafulla, the awards ceremony began.

Gemma Vidal, architect and head of PIAM, initially highlighted the two projects that were on the verge of being worthy of an award and whose works were also exhibited in the showroom together with the winners. Mentions were awarded to:

«CASA UNDERGROUND: HOUSING AS AN ALLEGORY OF THE LANDSCAPE» directed by: Víctor Hugo Vásquez Ruiz and «NOMADÉ» directed by Andrés Cárdenas Haro.

Next, the members of the jury presented the prizes to the different winners.

The architect Rubén Muedra Ortiz, founding partner of Rubén Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura, awarded a second prize to:

«EXODUS. IN TRANSFORMATION» by Javier de Sola Caraballo, Jorge Rodríguez Pérez and Javier Sabido Royón.

The following honorable mention «INHABITING THE ENVIRONMENT. HOUSING ON THE COSTA BRAVA» by Mauro Viola was delivered by Ramón Carneros, commercial director of Matimex. Second prizes were endowed with €500 each.

The second prize, endowed with €1,000, was awarded by João de Sousa Rodolfo, architect of Traçado Regulador to:

«E2M2» by Elena Robles Alonso and Elena Cabanes.

Finally, the first prize and most desired by all the participants, endowed with €3,000, was awarded by Juan-Luis Grafulla to:

«SUNSET AT THE TREETOPS» projected by La Reina Obrera Arquitectura e Interiorismo.

Under the motto “An opportunity for you. An opportunity for them. Opening paths for the future» Matimex presented a donation to the NGO Amigos de Nyumbani for each of the projects presented. After receiving the check, Amor Sola, president of the association, explained in detail how the donation will be allocated through the Microcredit program.

To conclude, Juan-Luis Grafulla dedicated a few words of thanks to all those present for making PIAM continue with the same enthusiasm, making it better known year after year.

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