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The beautiful and sophisticated Italian marble is part of the history of art and humanity. All of Italy is dotted with marble regions with varieties ranging from the well-known and elegant Carrara marble, appreciated for its extraordinary whiteness, to lesser-known and equally important varieties that, together, draw the map of an industry that ranges from construction to design, going through scientific research.

On the digital scene, these highly admired metamorphic rocks are an absolute trend in today's kitchen interior design, and food bloggers have one in their kitchen, such as the well-known ones: Zahra Abdalla, de CookingwithZahra, Stefanie Helen de The Pink Macaron, Vega Hernando creadora de Eating Patterns, la blogger alemana Lena Terlutter, Lidia Forlivesi de Nonsolofood, entre otras..

All of them have chosen a white SapienStone marble, the porcelain stoneware brand of Iris Ceramica Group, as a workbench. And reasons are not lacking. The surface of SapienStone marble is particularly luminous and reflective, just like natural marble, making it capable of providing a great deal of light while communicating a robust and solid presence. It is a material that allows the blogger to show the best gastronomic showcase of it.

The stoneware, at the same time, gives the countertop extreme hardness, and therefore it is resistant to scratches or damage caused by utensils; moreover, it is absolutely impenetrable.

The state-of-the-art technical and aesthetic research that characterizes the company has led to the creation of a product that perfectly interprets the appearance of natural stone, but which offers the very high technical performance of high-end porcelain stoneware.

If we had to describe SapienStone in a few words, it would be these: Research, attention to detail, functionality, resistance and cleanliness, also design, taste, style and color

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