May 22 - November 21 2021-05-04
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«Like the human genome and brain, the pavilion will be a jungle inhabited by strange and fascinating creatures, on a journey that will not leave indifferent those who seek new answers to unavoidable challenges of the time», thus presented the curator, the architect Alessandro Melis, «Comunità Resilienti» (Resilient Communities), the pavilion with which Italy participates in the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale whose main sponsor will be Iris Ceramica Group.

«Resilient Communities» is the theme that the Italian pavilion 2021 brings to the 17th edition of the Biennale. It is a journey in search of answers to the challenges of the time faced by architecture and our way of inhabiting the Earth, not to find simplifications, but to become aware of the complexity that surrounds us. An ambitious, interdisciplinary project fully aligned with the business and productive philosophy of Iris Ceramica Group, which has always been sensitive to this issue, actively researching solutions for the well-being of the community. It is in this context that the sponsorship of the Italy Pavilion 2021 assumes a strong value for Iris Ceramica Group: paving the way for the study and production of 'forward-thinking' materials to make urban environments more respectful of humans. 

And it is that the Group aims to express a new culture of ceramics as one of the most noble and sustainable materials in the world, which has accompanied humanity since the discovery of fire. 

The main values ​​of the Group have always been innovation and sustainability, in order to promote the continuous improvement of the quality of life and the environments we inhabit, an endeavor that has led the Group to achieve unique social and environmental objectives, such as the development in 2009 of the ecoactive material ACTIVE SURFACES, capable of eliminating air pollutants, as well as bacteria and viruses (including SARS-CoV-2, responsible for Covid-19) that are deposited on surfaces. In addition, thanks to significant investments to provide innovative solutions in terms of sustainability, in 2018 the Group managed to manufacture by emitting zero particles into the atmosphere, well ahead of the 2030 deadline established in the EU climate laws. 

Visiting the Biennale for its exhibitions is one of those recurring international events that many have heard of and worth participating in at least once in their lives. 

Dates: May 22 - November 21, 2021 
National participations: 63

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