CEO of the technology-based startup ROOM2030 2021-02-17
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This has been his professional career so far: 

Founder and Director of the modular architecture studio [baragaño], he has more than 10 years of unique experience in the industrialized modular architecture sector, being one of the national reference points in terms of executed modular buildings. 

In 2006 he began his close relationship with ArcelorMittal I + D, building the two offices that the company has in Avilés, one of which was awarded the Asturias Award for Architecture from the COAA. In 2015, he presented bhome, a research project in the field of modular housing and since then he has become an external consultant for Modular Architecture for ArcelorMittal. He has been the coordinator in the Master of Innovation and design of the IED of the Industrialized Modular Architecture program. He is currently CEO of the technology-based startup ROOM2030. 


What is architecture to you?

I remember that Enric Miralles at the Barcelona School of Architecture told us to buy a croissant and draw it, limit it… The learning was that architecture can be in any everyday object. I guess that's what makes it so attractive. Everything is architecture. 

Sustainability and architecture are increasingly united ... 

Actually, they always have been. Glen Murcutt, Australian Pritzker, used to say that sustainability is nothing more than common sense. A good building implies being sustainable. A bad building can always be disguised as sustainable, conversely, it is impossible. In the study we understand sustainability from the beginning, in the way we do things, that is why we bet on manufacturing and not building, dry, optimizing resources and processes in a factory. 

How do you imagine the architecture of the future? 

Flexible, Light, and Liquid, as Bauman would say. Diffuse, without clear limits. Fast, Unisex, and Modular. 

Any important project that you are working on and that you can reveal to us? 

We have just presented a project for modular technology rooms, ROOM2030, where we have been researching for two years on what the room of the future will be like. It is a new line through a technology-based startup that we have just created with the great support of ArcelorMittal and a powerful consortium of Innovative companies. 

What is the most curious place where you have been inspired?

In general, places of water are sources of inspiration, the sea, a swimming pool, a spa. In general, places where the daily rhythm slows and you are more receptive. Radars are also activated while traveling, driving, on the train ... 

Has some dream project of yours come true?

I think it is lucky to be able to be doing what you are passionate about and working on projects like the ones we have now. Being able to work in the port field has been very enriching, Sheds in the Port of Avilés for example, but I think that the dream project is yet to come. 

What led you to dedicate yourself to architecture? 

I have painted since I was very young, my mother instilled that passion in me and my father the love for engineering and architecture. The rest was a matter of discovering and letting yourself be carried away by curiosity. 

Each project is different, as is the environment where it will be physically reflected. How do both concepts come together? 

The dialogue with the place is fundamental, I would not know how to start a project in any other way, not only a physical and geographical dialogue but also a cultural, social one. Despite making our modular buildings in a factory, we always try to give it that local input that ends up anchoring the building to the place. They are layers that enrich the proposal.

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