Casa Negra

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Casa Negra

The house, located in Lloret de Mar (Girona), is a residential private typology of a new building with three levels.

Natural materials like wood o dry stone, typical of the zone, define this place which wants to be a part of the coastal environment where it is.

Besides its location, the singularity of the project remains in its geometry. The design begins with two black cubes, overlap and opened to the sea, adapted to the topography of the ground. North façade looks like airtight, without almost holes, to avoid energetic loss. In the south façade is where we find big windows protected by shutters with wooden slats, which dimensions are customized, and enhance the geometry of the cubes when they are closed.

Thanks to the hydraulic pistons it is possible to control the blinds, and when they are lifted up, work as a porch protecting the sun and screening the light, as a typical Mediterranean home. Specially singular is the shutter of the main level that projects its shadow, about 14 metres, above the pool.

The geometry of this prism is enhanced with the use in the façade of ceramic material, in particular, the model San Vicente Limestone of the Ultra collection and customized dimensions: 300x80 cm and 100x80 cm. At the exterior stairs, it is chosen the model Jerusalem Limestone with dimensions 300x100 cm and 100x100 cm. Both ceramic materials pretend to be limestone rocks very appreciated by the architecture because of its natural appearance.


Other distinguished matters are the two swimming pools, mainly the one situated on the second level. The sheet of water mixes up with the sea in the background and overflows over the other pool in the level below making up an infinity pool effect.

Located: Lloret de Mar, Girona

Material Ceramic:

             San Vicente Limestone acabado natural, formatos: 300 x 80 cm, 100 x 80  cm y 6 mm de espesor

             Jerusalem Limestone acabado natural, formatos: 300 x 100 cm, 100 x 100 cm y 6 mm de espesor


Constructor: Sinophos Group

Interior Designn: Adescasa

Fotography: Marcos Clavero

D.A.T.: Rafael Blanco

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