Conoce los nuevos modelos de SapienStone

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Conoce los nuevos modelos de SapienStone

SapienStone, the first porcelain brand dedicated exclusively to kitchen countertops and furniture by Iris Ceramica Group, has expanded its catalog with the Dark Marquina model and the Book Match technique.

The Dark Marquina model in silky and polished finish, reproduces one of the most famous natural marbles in Spain, the Nero Marquina. Of great elegance, this new tonality is characterized by a subtle and natural white veining on a black base.

Its silky and polished finishes are obtained through a post-production treatment. Silky is characterized by the softest, velvety and silky finish available. Totally satin, no shine. However, the qualities of the polish are its incredible depth and its mirror effect.

As regards the Book Match composition, Sapienstone proposes two pieces of porcelain tiles that, placed adjacently, their veins coincide and reflect each other, giving the impression of being an open book. The book-matchedpieces arouse great interest in the world of architecture and design due to the imprint of fine craftsmanship and exclusivity that they bring to the project.

It is possible to make bookmatching with the models Calacatta Statuario and White Calacatta in silky and polished finish.

The high technical performance of the Sapienstone porcelain pieces make them a durable and unalterable product, resistant to the most common forms of deterioration including thermal changes. It is a hygienic material, which does not allow absorption and, in the case of countertops, on which it is possible to handle food without using cutting boards.

For more information contact the Area Manager Sapienstone of Matimex in Spain Roberto Varea ( | 619 104 479). We are also in Paseo Recoletos, 6 of Madrid.

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