Winners IV Edition PIAM

Winners IV Edition PIAM 2018-06-05
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Winners IV Edition PIAM
The jury of the PIAM contest, composed of:
  • Enric Batlle. Doctor Architect, Head of the Master's Degree in Landscape in UPC-MBLandArch. – Founding partner of Batlle i Roig Arquitectura.
  • Margarida Caldeira. Architect. Board Director EMEA Chair. Broadway Malyan.
  • Lucia Ferrater. Partner Architect OAB.
  • Juan-Luis Grafulla. Matimex CEO and General Manager.
  • Diego Gronda. Architect and designer, Founder of Studio Gronda.
  • Federica Minozzi. Iris Ceramica Group CEO.
  • Josep Piñot. Industrial Engineer. Head of Retail Development Services CBRE.
has decided on the IV edition of PIAM.
Below are the projects that have obtained the highest score, and therefore have been awarded a prize.
In the Professional Category, the first prize is for:

«PLAZA SOSTENIBLE. Mercado sostenible en el Puerto de Marbella»
projected by Baum Lab, Isabel Gómez García and Javier Serrano Fajardo.

The project interprets the typology of the market as a space of commercial and social interaction, according to its words, it would be a "building that does not want to be a building", that wants to be a square, a public space.
Two fundamental factors stand out and govern the design: on the one hand, sustainability understood as a global philosophy that values ​​qualitative aspects such as comfort; and on the other, the importance of increasing the useful life of the building.
The latter is very interesting concept as resulting in an understanding of the building as a living "organism", flexible, adaptable to new uses and functional needs, which provide it with the ability to survive by adaptation to the environment.
Another feature is the concern to seek the benefit of the environment using climatic factors in a positive sense, not facing them.
It is a thoughtful and respectful project, which uses the ceramic materials of Iris Ceramica Group with great discerning and exhibits a didactic and at the same time elegant graphic design.
The second prize is awarded to:
«BLOOMS», made by La Errería* Architecture OfficeLuis Navarro JoverCarlos Sánchez García and Rafael García Sacristán.

The project is an exploration of the possibilities of ceramics beyond the conventional, having as leitmotiv the sustainability throughout the life cycle of the system and the materials that compose it.
It is an exhibition space made with elements of dry assembly of ceramic pieces, hence the textures and finishes of Iris Ceramica Group materials acquire new meanings: information supports, storage spaces or product displays.
The reuse, recycling and the concept of increasing the useful life as a pillar of sustainability are the fundamental ideas of the project.
It is a work that raises interesting reflections on the use of ceramics, materializing these ideas with a fresh and careful aesthetic.  
The jury has awarded two mentions for the following works:
First Mention: «FACTORY GARDEN. Rehabilitation of the old Clesa factory of Alejandro de la Sota in Madrid» carried out by Adrián Martínez Muñoz and Pablo Izaga González.
Second Mention: «SLAB YOUR RYTHM», project by ELLEVUELLE ARCHITETTI, team made up of Matteo CavinaGiorgio LiveraniMichele Vasumini and Eleonora Festa.
In the Students Category, the first prize is for:
«M&EC MALILLA. Mercado y espacio comercial», carried out by Carlos Carbonell Leal.
The central idea of ​​the project is born from a reflection on the evolution of commercial typologies. The progressive disappearance of traditional markets and large and often impersonal surfaces is an obvious fact. As a solution, it is proposed to maintain the traditional concept of the market, with its inherent advantages, complemented by offers of leisure and restoration.
The projected, organic and sinuous, building is closer to the aesthetics of a mall than to a traditional market, generating an enriching contradiction between content and continent. Outstanding is also the use of the Active finish on the outside, as a reinforcement to the overall sustainability of the project.
Get the second prize:
«A MARKET FOR THE CITY», designed by Andrés Cárdenas Haro.
Revalue an area and not just expand a market. That is the basic objective of the design. The aim is to achieve a fluid and enriching relationship between the new and the existing, integrating the exterior spaces as part of the project.
The active photocatalytic application of the Group, based on the improvement of air quality and human health, has been highly valued by the jury and is present in the awarded projects.
The winning projects are part of a virtual exhibition that can be visited today on the PIAM website.
The official delivery of the PIAM awards will take place at the Matimex facilities on Thursday, June 28.
The IV edition of Matimex International Architecture Award, convened with the aim of generating innovative and creative proposals based on a reflection on Contemporary Commercial Spaces, closed the deadline for submitting projects on May 7, with more than 200 students and professionals enrolled.
This important success of national and international participation places PIAM among the most valued architecture competitions.

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