Iris Ceramica Group. A renewed corporate vision

After more than fifty-five years of activity, the establishment of eight brands, the development of a complex system ...

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Iris Ceramica Group. A renewed corporate vision

After more than fifty-five years in business, creating eight brands, developing a complex, efficient system of assets, and acquiring a position of leadership on major world markets, we want to allow ourselves another bit of history.

And so we want to give ourselves a common home, a tangible symbol of our roots capable of bringing together our individual identities under a single big roof.

It is with great pride and joy that I announce the imminent publication of the Iris Ceramica Group’s internet site, the expression of a new corporate vision that is all about shared ambitions and goals; not something that standardises and makes us all the same, but, to the contrary, a resource for making the most of our individual identities and effectively supporting communication; but it is not only communication that I wish to speak of, it is an opportunity to consider that every single one of us (whether we work in a factory, in an office or on international markets) is part of a group, and that this represents the true added value strengthening what we have to offer, making it even more authoritative, various and competitive.

A difficult, ambitious project built around our true strong point, our common heritage of enterprise, and an opportunity for all of us to look to the future with even greater determination and spirit of innovation.

Discover our group site, you are welcome

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