Matimex sponsor of the fifth Biennial of Architecture

Big meeting of sustainable architecture in La Pedrera, Barcelona

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Matimex sponsor of the fifth Biennial of Architecture

The fifth Biennial of Architecture Sustainable, organized by Group Habitat Futura, was celebrated the past Wednesday 9th in the modernist building “La Pedrera”, in Barcelona.

The aim to event is expose the relevant position to architecture, like as promote and recognize the architectural sustainable design which researching optimizer the natural resources and the construction systems in order that the environmental impact will be reduced in the environment and residents.

The Biennial consists in compile all projects published in the magazine Habitat Futura two years before, being present and participation during the event the authors; and also with the realization to a documental, where Matimex participated with the collaboration by Juan-Luis Grafulla, manager from the company.

This celebration is each year more important, on the national level and international, among the speakers this year: Bruno Stagno, Alejandro Zaera Polo, Jacques Ferrier, Enric Ruiz-Geli, Alonso Balaguer, Richard Rogers, Bill Dunster, Mario Cucinella, Enrique León, William McDonough, Norman Foster, Jose María de Lapuerta, Pich-Aguierla, Jürgen Mayer.

The principal assistants are important architects and people of the sustainable architecture, as like the maximum representatives of companies and architectural institutions.

Rafael Blanco and Carlos Gracia, technicians from D.A.T., represented to Matimex during the celebration, as sign of our support to architectural sustainable design.

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