The new measure of architecture: 1mx1m format.

The new measure of architecture: 1mx1m format.

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The new measure of architecture: 1mx1m format.

The result of the latest research stems MAXIMUM 100X100, Graniti Flanders, a collection that seeks to reinterpret the ancient charm of stone and timeless classic style of marble in its 14 models.

This is a porcelain stoneware open to modern ways and more sophisticated architecture that is presented in a small, 6mm thick, and in two finishes: semi-gloss and polished.

Without sacrificing technical performance, 100x100 MAXIMUM protects the environment and proposes within its range, environmental-friendly materials and LEED Certified ANAB. Furthermore, Graniti Flanders does not cause CO2 emissions to the atmosphere in relation to the production of Maximum.

Download catalog: :Click aquí.

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