Training day in Matimex to Gama Uno.

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Training day in Matimex to Gama Uno.

Gama Uno in order to inform them the tile technical solutions that are shaking up the industry.At the beginning of the morning, the training focused on a presentation about the innovative application photocatalytic ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™, the only one tile in the world to floors and walls with bactericide, antipollution and self-cleaning properties, certified by ISO standards.The presentation covered technical aspects, such as how ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ works, up to environmental aspects, such as the contribution in the disintegration of NOx (nitrogen oxides) from smog. On his behalf, Matimex Sales Manager, Ramón Carneros, underlined the continuous technological investment and the progresses of Gruppo Fiandre Iris Ceramica tiles. Among the progresses of the Gruppo it is the recent launch of the largest tile in the world.With an area of 4,5 square meters, the format 300x150cm of these collections: Hilite, Maximum, Ultra and Maxfine, shows the evolution of a material that nowadays is able to respond to an increasingly demanding customers.However, novelties do not only come from innovative technology, we are immersed in new trends of design that put new energy into the market where our Gruppo, once more, is at the forefront.Taking advance properties of the full body porcelain tile, for its easily installation, and thanks to its minimum weight, these huge tiles are designed to be used also in other fields. We are talking about offices tables, countertops, shower trays or even coating doors.In the afternoon, Matimex Showroom showed to Gama Uno the latest collections and theconstructive systems we have.The day ended with an open talk of questions and answers.

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