Interview with Maria Amaré Master, Head of Customer Service Department of Matimex.

For her commitment with the company and with the evolution with it, today we would like to know more about the career of  Maria Amaré.

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Interview with Maria Amaré Master, Head of Customer Service Department of Matimex.

Organizations are, actually, people who comprise it.For her commitment with the company and with the evolution with it, today we would like to know more about the career of Maria Amaré.1. We would like to know you better:Full name: Maria Amaré MaestreLocation: CastellónPosition: Head of Customer Service Department.2. Among solid corporative values of Matimex is the good management of human capital, that´s why many employees work a lifetime in it. Tell us ¿How many years have you been working in Matimex? Although it seems like yesterday, I have been working for 12 years in Matimex, and the truth is that I have spent so many good things since. I won in knowledge and experience in the tile world, unknown for me, because I came from another sector also related to the construction.3. Management and promotion of tile products of Gruppo Iris in Spain, Portugal and Latin America countries, paying particular attention to México, is the main task of Matimex. What functions assume your Department? The customer service department is key to a company. I together with my colleagues Inma and Elena, serve all the requests of our customers and help solve any problems or concerns that may arise.

We will also closely monitor the management and orders to give good service to our customers. 4. We understand that a good customer service goes beyond dealing with friendly and polite staff. What are the skills and attributes most most valued in the department? Obviously kindness and education are essential. When a customer contacts us, we must be agile to give solution to their needs, whether aesthetic, technical or logistical.5. Besides keeping the client informed on the state of his order, also it is assured a delivery date of the material. ¿How do you achieve with success meet a deadline? We have a large stock of models that we consider are high turnover, and an ongoing service from our factory in Italy, received merchandise up to 3 to 4 times a week. Coordinating different departments, we got a good team, and therefore a good order management.6. ¿How management has developed over the last few years? In a very positive way. We renewed our facilities as a whole, we have a large showroom where the customer can see the product in all its dimensions.

Software has been implemented in our store, it is coordinated with the offices and makes orders to be prepared more quickly and accurately. In addition to ongoing training that supports this management always seeking customer satisfaction. 7. In your opinion: What do you expect or wish to find a customer in Matimex? Our customers are looking for a unique and technologically innovative product, which is our benchmark. As well as a good attention, advice and quick management of orders. In short, I believe that we have a deal with our clients impeccable.8. A desire for the company. Never lose the team spirit. Continue in the same line, innovating and always looking to the future.

We are almost 40 years in the market, it is not few, we hope to be many more.FROM ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW:- Pilar Domínguez (Managment) : “For me, María's presence means a guarantee of efficacy and safety. With her open-minded, strong and generous personality, the activity is carried out without difficulty and shocks. Since his arrival, she was gradually assuming different responsibilities were entrusted to her, being at presentthe Department soul, always assisted by Elena and Inma with whom she forms a great team. "

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